Mike is not only a Music Artist. He's also a DJ.

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Nowadays, music doesn't stand up quite as strong as it used to, but when you listen to Mike Stone's music & remixes, you feel the emphasis of how he intends to keep the music in the pocket with the 'On-point' originality he brings, and you really can't help but be blown away.

Mike hails from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois. He has been into music since he was 3 years old. In fact, one of his great uncles remembers the time when he was a little boy, he was spinning 45 records on his toe at the age of 3. His uncle was one of the first family members to realize what Mike's musical future was going to become.

Mike was already a music lover at an early childhood age. Any time he heard a certain song, he would research on that artist, and would remember who that artist was, and what song it was. Up to this day, he is a "walking encyclopedia of music".

He began studying music at the age of 7. His first two instruments were the Flute and Piano. After accomplishing those two instruments, he went on to learn the Drums, Percussion, and Bass in his teenage years. By the time he graduated from High School, he went on to College to study about the Computer Information Technology: first at Eastern Illinois University, then over at DeVry Institute Of Technology (now known as DeVry University). After achieving his Degree status, he went on to pursue a career in the Information Technology sector.

During that time in the Computer field, it was when Mike felt the music bug bite. Soon, he would be putting together his own home recording studio in his apartment, and begin writing songs that would later give him credibility to writing, arranging, and producing his own material at the snap of a finger. Even though Mike was very creative in making music, he was unsure about how secure the music business was going to respect his craft, and credit him for what he was able to accomplish. It was then that he started to take heed of what he needed to do to make himself be heard and recognized for who he was, and what he can be well known to do. With careful steps, and proper direction on copyrighting his music, signing up with a songwriting society (ASCAP), setting up his own music production company (Notorious Image Productions), and creating his own record label (Image Capsule Records) with proper distribution, Mike made sure that his music career was signed, sealed, and delivered with good confidentiality.

Today, you can hear Mike's music through not only his own compositions, but also through the remixes that he has done for other artists...ranging from L.T.D., Michael Jackson, Paul Simon and Alicia Keys all the way to Snoop Dogg.

Mike Stone has come a very long way from spinning 45 records on his toe. Now, he's making music from that 'toe'.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Mike Stone (R&B/Jazz).